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Express Capital Solutions has a specific set of values that set us apart from other funding and lending institutions. We believe in approving funding for a business by looking at the ongoing financial data and life of the business. What does this mean practically? It means we look at the whole picture of your business instead of just a small part, like a credit score. We aim to work with businesses that want to grow, and we want to help our business partners get to the next level.

This is an important distinction from, say, a bank. Banks only ever look at a small portion of the larger picture, often automatically declining based on limited information. This can leave qualified business owners with few options except to take out predatory, high-interest loans from disrespectable institutions, or risk losing their business altogether.

With Express Capital Solutions, you know that your case will be reviewed by a specialist in the field who will examine as many different aspects of your business as possible to build a case supporting you and your business. We want to work with you, whether you have a business plan or collateral or not. We are in the business of investing in people. Give us the chance to invest in you and see the difference at Express Capital Solutions. Contact us online or over the phone today.

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