Micro/Small Cap Solutions

If your micro or small cap publicly traded company needs financing, Express Capital Solutions has the financial network and backing to assist. Our turnaround time can be as little as twenty-four hours and we can pump more than $10 million into your business.

Micro and small cap companies occasionally have more difficulty finding reliable financing because they are inherently riskier than mid and larger cap companies with a larger share of the market. Smaller companies often have unproven track records and less history to draw from. This can make investors nervous, drying up otherwise liquid funding pools. By utilizing the micro/small cap funding solution, companies can find the infusion of cash they need without needing to leverage their stock and potentially decreasing its value. In exchange for a slightly higher interest rate with a micro/small cap solution from Express Capital, you can keep your company stock reserve and avoid any potential risk to its value.

Express Capital Solutions believes in investing in micro and small cap companies despite the increased risk. We believe in reviewing our potential lending partners holistically, examining the on-going financial data and life of the business when making decisions. If you represent a micro or small-cap company with liquidity needs, Express Capital Solutions wants to hear from you. Contact us to learn more about specific interest rates and terms. We look forward to working with you.

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